Friday, November 28, 2008

Modbe Black Friday and Saturday Sales!

Look at great Black Friday and Saturday specials on my Modbe website.
Swim on sale...workout wear on sale...even basic capsleeves and camis.

Check it out! an ADDITIONAL 10% when purchasing any
three or more items by entering party #808 at check out.

Enjoy a wonderful weekend! ....Bev

Thursday, November 6, 2008

30% off Modbe Clothing

Modbe is having a Customer Appreciation Sale. Everything is 30% off. In case you didn't hear that...EVERYTHING! Even the super cute jeans and hoodie I've got on in my latest family photo (above). Plus, did you know that if you order any three or more items, you can also take Modbe's traditional 10% off, too. This promotion is good until November 22nd. Here's what you need to know.
1. Go to and start looking. You'll be asked to set up a customer profile here, also. Super easy to do. Rely on the sizing charts...they are incredibly accdurate. Don't forget the little boys...all mine are getting the brown and blue pajama pants on Christmas eve! Just follow the kidbe sizing chart for the little guys.

2. Shop! Remember to get a new holiday outfit for you and clothing for others on your gift list. Modbe does have a 60 day return/exchange policy so order with confidence. If something doesn't fit or you just don't like it...return it! Want something for yourself for Christmas? Let me know in the comments and I'll contact you to get a wish list and the name of the Santa who might need some help shopping for you...Call me your personal ELF, if you will!

3. Checkout! You'll need to know two codes here. First, to get that extra 10% when you buy any three, you'll need a party number--#808. Second, to get the 30% off you entire order, enter MSHM69DF as the discount code.

Whether you are a new or seasoned Modbe shopper, this sale is for you.

If you know of several friends would might like to be introduced to Modbe during this sale...I can help you set up your own virtual Modbe party at my_website . Friends and family can order using your party code (specific to you) and you get hostess benefits. What are those benefits? Modbe hostesses always get 10% of their party sales as a credit toward their purchase. Have a $600 party and get $60 in free Modbe. (Party minimum is $300 in at least three orders.) Plus, right now you get $20 off mny regularly priced item(s), and the chance to win a $250 Modbe Shopping spree. All Novemeber hostesses will be entered into a drawing for that.

Interested and want to know more? Please comment and let me know. Otherwise...happpy shopping!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Which Picture?

Family pictures are all about looking good, especially MOM--after all, I am the one who critics it the most. I put together a brown theme and thought it might to fun to be a bit different as I'm the only feminine one of the bunch...but now I'm thinking I just stand out too much.
What do you think?

I love the seating in this pictures but wonder if the adorable orange wrap sweater might just be a bit overbearing. I'm thinking enlarged on my entry wall, I might hate it.
Any thoughts here...I'd love some feedback.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Free shipping

Free Shipping with Modbe Clothing thru October 10th when you purchase $50 in Modbe. Jump on my_website and order today. Be sure to enter party #445 at check out to be part of my virtual party. Also, anyone who orders taking advantage of this offer will be entered into a raffle to win the hostess credit from the party. You could score some awesome clothes for FREE!

Look what fun I had today!

Brandon G. is a senior in High school and seems, I am back in the world of Teen Fashion and getting ready for the Homecoming dance. Nathan needed a corsage and suddenly so did Trevor, Cameron, Logan, and Logan's brother. And then, I couldn't just throw away the last two MIL's birthday celebration is tomorrow. Why not? I was so excited, I almost gave it to her today. I digress. This got me thinking about cute prom dresses, like the navy one below and then of the yellow "prom dress" on project_runway. I quite liked Korto's dress and most everything else she's designed. I am loving this show. I am wondering what will happen with next week's episode. This is my first season to watch and so Wednesday night has new-found funness.

So, here is Brandon's corsage. I think the yellow roses are going to look quite stunning with his date's olive green dress. And the black will totally match his attire, too. And I had to include the pink roses with black accent. Sorry to not have actual pictures of dates and dresses...maybe another time.

Friday, September 12, 2008

It's a Party!

I had my first party with all of Modbe's great new things. My Hostess,
Davian W. has hosted several parties and was super excited to see all of the NEW clothing. She kept saying how she loved it all and was going to have a hard time deciding what to get. My guess is she works hard and gets a TON of sales to get everything she wants. If you're reading and want to add an order to Davian's party, type in party #362 at checkout. This one step saves you 10% on your order of three or more items. Anyway, I took a picture of the two of us back in April at her last party. While we have both had hair cuts since then, we were too busy taking pictures of our other willing model. Cute Kinsley (below) is modeling the Matching PJ set. FYI--size XS does fit a four year old.

Here is Miss Fashion one more time in the adorable Mini Vee.
This top is available online only for just $10. Every girl needs one of these.
I love that it comes in navy and white for school uniforms.

Speaking of Navy, here is another Fashion Diva I recently had the chance to hang out with for the morning. She had on her favorite jumper (which is a bit too large). It was breezy outside and the straps kept sliding off her shoulders.

It looked so cute, I grabbed by camera while we were playing outside. What a fun morning--we sang the ABC song about a million times.

After the party, I changed out of my Juliette Cut Offs and rode home in fashion in my own red and pink PJ pants. So soft and comfy, I might just have to get both colors...especially since the blue and brown would be such a cute picture of my five boys with me. I'll have to post that when it happens.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Hoodie with a Tie

If you love hoodies, this Hoodie with a Tie is comfy meets fashion. Just like Modbe's rezip Hoodie, the new Hoodie with a Tie has a double zipper but adds ruching at the neck and a self tie to accentuate your waist. Available in White, Burgundy, and Gray--you might even be tempted to get two and interchange the ties. They are pictured here with Modbe's True Rise Demin Naomi Jeans.

New Modbe Jeans and....Introducing Modbe Move

Meet Jane...the newest member of the Modbe True Rise Demin family. Super cute Modbe flower on the back pocket and everything you expect from Modbe Demin. Check them out online at

Modbe Move workout wear adds major flexibility to your wardrobe. Whether running errands, sprinting between kids and work, or breaking a serious sweat you'll feel calm and look cool with plenty of coverage. It's a longer tank with the same great neckline coverage but with great extras like a built in supportive bra and even a hidden key pocket. Shown below with the Bamboo wrap so you're covered after your workout.

Take extra time to notice the back of the Balance Tank. The straps come to a "V" in the back with little details like the Modbe flower at the back of the pant and tank. And that cute stripe of color? It's attached to the band, giving you that layered/low rise look that slims and shapes you at the same time. Perfect for the gym with enough style for everyday wear. You'll love it.

The Power Pant and Core Capri are identical in fit except for the length. You'll notice the Power Pant is super long and the Capri hits mid calf. Each come in black and charcoal and have that great double banded waist. Plus, they are reversible! You'll love the hidden pocket--perfect for your Ipod, MP3 player, or even cell phone.

Modbe has a great new print tee, available in three colors--black and silver, teal and white, and pink and white. Made of 100% modal, these are lightweight and can be worn alone in early fall or layered over a cami or long sleeve later this winter. My and silver, although I already have all three!

Need a great new long-sleeve ready for cold weather? Great alone or layered, this tee is made from polyester, rayon, and spandex. So soft and breathable, too. Available in four colors--black, white, red/pink stripe, and blue/brown stripe.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fall Fashion Preview with more to come...

Modbe has also released it's Holiday Line for the season. There are three tops...the Button Up Ruffle, the Cowl Neck, and the Wrap Sweater. Each are pictured in that order below. And for cooler weather the Scarf, Hat and Mittens, plus the Matching PJ's for Christmas Eve or a fun holiday photo. I did notice that Modbe has started to get new stuff up on the website. I'd check back periodically throughout the week to see all of the new things. I have opened a virtual party, #362. Enter this discount code at checkout to save 10% when you buy any three items. If you are only buying one or two, you should still enter the code as you could win other things... Just take my word for it.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Blogland and Sandi Henderson

I met Sandi Henderson in April and have been so neglectful that I didn't add our picture to "blogland." I have to say that in quotations as I've lifted it right off Sandi's blog and used it all day today. You should check out the adorable cupcake pin cushion she is auctioning off in support of Nie Nie Day. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can read more about Stephanie and Christian's accident at Stephanie's blog or her Sister's blog who has started this wonderful snow ball of silent auctions all over blogland to raise money for their cause.
Sandi is one of those women who truly dream big. I distinctly remember attending a seminar years ago and thinking, "Sure, I dream big." But now I get it. I dream on a much smaller level than women like Sandi or Modbe clothing designer, Trish Wilhite. Sandi designs fabric, has her own line of children's patterns. There is no end to her creativity. She and I met at Tiffany's party where I fell in love with her darling bag. Then Sandi hosted her own Modbe party and got stocked with clothes ready for Quilt Market. I have to say, my life is enriched daily by inspiring women who do great things. Thanks to all of you who inspire me.

Monday, August 25, 2008

I Pinky Swear...

Do you remember saying that? I pinky swear, I'll always be your friend...or I'll never tell anyone that you like him...I pinky swear. Well, I pinky swear I did not just dress up my all-boy toddler in a pinky swear mini-vee from Modbe. I so did. I've had this adorable pinky swear mini-vee from Modbe's Kidbe line up for a while now and have nothing to do with it seeing how I have only boys. honor of my upcoming 5K race for the cure and the fact that it is back-to-school time, I am giving it away. Want to WIN it? It's a extra small which translates to a size 4T but if you have a three year old with a toddler belly (see cute toddler in picture) or a skinny five year old it would work for her, too. If for whatever reason you have no blog...shame on can spread the word through email and copy it to me.
Here's what to do. Simply add a post to your blog of how your family and friends can WIN this adorable mini-vee. Then comment on this post so I can take a peek at your cute blog.
If you want it no matter what...all the kidbe clothing at my website is on sale now. Kidbe caps for $10, cami's for $8 and long sleeves and the mini-vee for $10. Enter party #264 at checkout to get 10% off your order when ordering any three items.
I'm watching for your comments... I pinky swear!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New cut offs and SALE!

In case you are wondering, this cute model is wearing Modbe's new cut off shorts. I have two pair on order and keep watching the front walk like a hawk waiting for the Fed-Ex guy to arrive. I'll know it's him when the door bell rings around 9 a.m. I am especially excited to see the new Juliette style with flap pockets and white stitching.

Also, Modbe's 25=50% off Sale is continuing. Add your order to the virtual party going online. The party is #264. This party code entered at the end of checkout saves you an additional 10% off your entire order when you order any three items. Take a peek. Little girl long sleeve tops are just $10. Swim tops for $35, Bottoms for $19, Skirts for $23. And the remaining clothing items are also on sale. I was sure to order a Straight A skirt. These are super forgiving skirts that go with any top. I had to get a second black and dark chocolate. I know this style will never go out. Swim items come with the return exchange policy...and if you aren't happy with anything else, I take any thing on consignment and have pretty good luck selling them at parties or to people who stop by to try things on before buying. If you have questions, add them to the comments.

If you are reading my blog ask me how to purchase any one item at 30% off.

When I was a girl...

Maybe you don't know this about me but when I was a younger version of myself, I loved wearing dresses. I do not remember if it was the twirling, the fancy shoes, or what...I just loved being a bit gussied up. Anyway, this super cute dress reminded me of this one aspect of myself. And the fact that you can win this super cute dress and I don't even have a daughter to put it on! That's another blog for another day...four boys...maybe I'll see if I can't comment on her blog and win it for a niece. I'm thinking just now that when I get two dresses made for a friends twins, I will have to take a picture of them to show just how cute they turn out.
Also, I have a bit of a confession...I still love to wear dresses. Well, right now mostly skirts but it is a dress just the same. Does anyone else do this? I have to laugh at the comments I get. My piano student asked me one day where I was going after. My youngest son no longer asks if it is Sunday. Not many people wear skirts on a daily basis, well except for my grandma. There is only one thing that is really unfair--that my feet can't take the shoes. I can do heels/flats for 2 hours at a time and only for so many days in a row (darn those high arches.) Anyway, I love a free give-a-way so I couldn't resist.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

No excuses

I really do not have an excuse for not posting in forever...but these might qualify and are the main reasons for not having posted. I WILL DO BETTER...maybe I should type that 10 more times for positive reinforcement. I will do better, I WILL do better, I will DO better...
I'll spare you the agony.

1. My April, May, and June were full of swim orders--people coming to my "Modbe Room" to try things on or throwing together a quick party with a group of friends.
2. I did parties with Emma, Joy, Liz, Mandy, Sandi, and Tiffany. Plus there was Lisa, Davian, Stacey, kim, Angie, and Christie. (My goal is to post a bit about some of these hostesses over the next week or can hold me to it.)
3. And then there is the summer filled with vacations, playing, and general kid keep-up. As short as the summer has seemed in retrospect, I will be glad to clean up in the morning without reminding someone to do his job.
4. My SIL, Emma, visited (Oh, my brother came, too) from WA and we were able to hang out with their boys. I wish we had even done more as though we could have fit it in.
5. And just so you do not think that I have done nothing fun just for me...I fit in a trip to Park City last week with girls friends Anne, Kim, Michelle, and Jen. If you happen to read our bits of wisdom from said girls trip on Michelle's post, I should warn you...don't believe everything you read. LOL

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Saturday at Tiffany's

Isn't there a song about that? I guess it was just Brunch at Tiffany's, not breakfast. LOL, Funny me! April brought a string of parties...I really didn't think they would all hold so I booked them, knowing I would have a descent month even if a few cancelled. When it all played out, I did eight parties in 16 days. Thank goodness for those daytime and Saturday morning parties. Here I am with Tiffany on a bright Saturday morning. We chipped in together and purchased a $20 gift certificate to be raffled at the party. I helped three gals new to me find great suits to flatter their bodies. I love that repeat customers are so excited to try on the new suits and colors. Tiffany was like a kid in a candy shop. She even had her suits from the past two years on hand to see if some of the colors might match a new top on this years line. We reminisced about the olive diagonal of two years ago...what a hot suit. It sold out SO quickly. Modbe truly is one of a gotta get one before you favorite sells out this year!

Heidi and Lisa

Sisters Lisa and Heidi were both hostesses in March and April. I had booked Heidi's party off of a party in February and Lisa booked at Heidi's party. Did you catch all of that? I am very jealous that Heidi gets to go to Hawaii this month. And I just fell in love with the area where Lisa lives. Makes me want to move again and for anyone that knows me that's kind of ODD! Both sisters had great parties. I liked that they were during the day so I still had my evening to veg with the boys at home. Everyone loved the burgandy ruffle wrap and were looking for other great options in case there were to go swimming together. Like we need to find excuses or somehow rationalize the need to buy a second swim suit!

What I love about Modbe

One of my favorite things about life with Modbe is this...always meeting and making new friends. Liz and I met nearly three years ago. Here we are nearly two years later! Liz is one of those inspirational women who loves learning and reading. She recently did the couch to 5K challenge and is a running maniac. I remember one of our first times we met. We talked about how just because a person is skinny doesn't mean they are in shape. Anyway, Liz had a pretty decent party. One gal who came is a three year veteran with Modbe's swim suits and bought three!!! If you haven't tried a Modbe suit are truly missing out. There are so many other customers like this who are coming back year after year!

Have Friends, Will Craft

In March, L. and I got together for a Modbe craft day. We used the ever-versitile Modge Podge and adhered scrapbook paper to wood letters to spell out SWIM. Then we added tags of the new suits and embellished away. They turned out super cute and add a great look to my Modbe room. It's so cute I can't really call it an office. Maybe I should post what it looks like one of these days... I love it how all of the crafts of past and present have kind of all become one!

Oops! Time Flies...

Where did the last two months moment I was blogging along happily and the next I hadn't added a post in forever. I've been taking the pictures, just not adding them. Maybe the smiple fact that I had eight parties in two weeks could have added to the long silence. So, here goes...I'll see if I can't add these posts to the blog.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Meet Luella

Meet Luella of small town Idaho. We met for the first time on Saturday, the day of her party. We had spoken on the phone and email a few times, but when I learned that she had three boys, we became instant friends. Anyone who has ALL boys knows instantly the kinds of stories we shared. The other cool things about a Modbe boutique here in small town Idaho is you always run onto someone you know. Lulla's SIL, Amy attended the same HS as I and graduated a year after me. Anyway, once when we talked by phone, I suggested Luella have a party, invite over some girl friends and try on the new swim and Modbe's True Rise Denim Jeans in person. It was a GO! Although I am pictured here in my Modbe Jeans, Capsleeve top and Re-Zip Hoodie, I actually wore the burgundy ruffle wrap swim suit with matching burgundy skirt for the first hour or so of the Boutique. Never done that before! It was fun. And the party atmosphere was great; lots of people came out of the dressing rooms to get advice on their own suit. I felt like it kind of took off some of the initial pressure to model what you try on. I'll add another picture of the party and let you know how Luella's party closes in a couple of days.

Scrapbooking meets Modbe

As a Modbe Consultant who loves to scrapbook, I find that I mix the two quite a bit. Who wouldn't want a super cute sign--so much more fun than a computer generated, one-dimensional piece. Anyway, my super creative husband helped me come up with this great poem to remind party goers that booking a boutique of their own is always a great option. I was having trouble coming up with a rhyme for boutique but he quickly came up chic (remember, you pronounce that sheek) which of course rhymes nicely. The rest of the peom was sheer colloboration. The scrapbooked poster, my idea! It isn't the first time I've used my scraping supplies with Modbe. I also made a the box above to hold panty liners which I use at boutiques for hygiene purposes. The liner box this year is made of tin with a lunch box clasp and handle tied with ribbons. So...all that said, who wants to book a modbe boutique today? Not in Idaho? Just comment or go to Modbe's corporate website and we'll get you hooked up with a consusltant in your area.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Modbe Founder, Trish Wilhite

In my search for pictures earlier this week I came across a great photo taken in September of 2006 at Modbe's first ever Modbe Mesh. I attended with about six other area consultants, although only four are pictured here. With us is Trish Wilhite, Modbe's founder and clothing designer. She is next to me wearing the sweater with the large pink and brown stripes. I had previously met Trish when she and a few other gals from Modbe Corporate came to my house to present an area training for a bunch of consultants in our corner of Idaho. I found out then and still know now that I am part of something bigger and better than I ever knew. By joining Modbe, I'd not only found a fun way to earn money and wear sweet stylin' clothes for FREE, but I was part of something bigger and better than I'd ever dreamed possible. My circle of family and friends just keeps getting bigger. I have Modbe and Trish to thank for that!

A Stranger is a friend you have yet to meet!

Someone once said "A Stranger is a friend you have yet to meet." I am always meeting new friends with Modbe. Stacy was my hostess last Thursday and she is great. She has two little ones, Parker is three and Tandi is not quite a year old. What a great home. I am going to use more florals in my house of boys!!! I mentioned Stacy in my first post and it is only fitting she get credit again for getting me going on this blogging thing. What a blast. Anyway, Stacy had a $500 party and is the new proud owner of a great outfit--the Straight-A Skirt in Dark Chococate that she will pair with the Blue Christmas Tied w/a Bow top. She also got an In the Navy Re-zip Hoodie and the orange floral bandeau swim top. All four items for just under $50! If that isn't incentive enough to book a party right now, I don't know what is! Thanks for an awesome party, Stacy. I know I had tons of fun getting to know you and your group of girl friends.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Modbe's 2008 Swim Preview

At the end of January, I attended Modbe's Swim Preview for the upcoming year. In it's third year, Modbe's swim is most certainly anticipated and Modbe didn't disappoint. With 20 tops and three suits for the tween sizes, Modbe's line is HUGE! I think the suits really speak for themselves. If you haven't peeked already, do so now. You can look at each suit indiviually as you shop on my website (see link on side bar) or take a look at the gallery of photos on my website for some great fashionable photos. These pictures make you want to don a pair of heels and pearls and head to the nearest beach. Of course, in January this isn't quite so practical so natarually to the event I wore my favorite comfy top, the edgy vee in blue tease. With me in the photo are my fashionable friends Victoria Collings and Michelle Bowen who also sell Modbe here in Idaho.

Friday, February 22, 2008

CPA Clever Post Anxiety

No, I am not looking for a Certified Public Accountant, I am suffering from Clever Post Anxiety. One certainly shouldn't be nervous about posting for the first time, but I find that I am. How can you be clever and whitty while all the while professional with a little personality on the side? Hopefully in post to come, all that will come out...and so justifiably, I am suffering from an accute case of Clever Post Anxiety.

So, a quick history of how this all came about...I was at a Modbe party last night with a new friend, Stacy. We were discussing blogs and my lack thereof. I went home with a vision of blogged Modbe parties with pictures of me and my hostesses, new recuits, and the like. And so again, Modbe has brought just one more first into my life with many more firsts to come. Enjoy!