Saturday, October 11, 2008

Which Picture?

Family pictures are all about looking good, especially MOM--after all, I am the one who critics it the most. I put together a brown theme and thought it might to fun to be a bit different as I'm the only feminine one of the bunch...but now I'm thinking I just stand out too much.
What do you think?

I love the seating in this pictures but wonder if the adorable orange wrap sweater might just be a bit overbearing. I'm thinking enlarged on my entry wall, I might hate it.
Any thoughts here...I'd love some feedback.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Free shipping

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Look what fun I had today!

Brandon G. is a senior in High school and seems, I am back in the world of Teen Fashion and getting ready for the Homecoming dance. Nathan needed a corsage and suddenly so did Trevor, Cameron, Logan, and Logan's brother. And then, I couldn't just throw away the last two MIL's birthday celebration is tomorrow. Why not? I was so excited, I almost gave it to her today. I digress. This got me thinking about cute prom dresses, like the navy one below and then of the yellow "prom dress" on project_runway. I quite liked Korto's dress and most everything else she's designed. I am loving this show. I am wondering what will happen with next week's episode. This is my first season to watch and so Wednesday night has new-found funness.

So, here is Brandon's corsage. I think the yellow roses are going to look quite stunning with his date's olive green dress. And the black will totally match his attire, too. And I had to include the pink roses with black accent. Sorry to not have actual pictures of dates and dresses...maybe another time.