Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I am alive with my ugly finger...Ooowww.

I apologize for such a long BLOG absense. I must try to do better.
Here is a bit of what I have been doing while gone...or here...whatever.

First off, I have an ugly finger. While washing the window in our newly finished bathroom I shut the window on my finger. It was more like I thought the window was open more than it was and so in order to shut it quickly I didn't allow any time to remove the finger.

Thankfully the bruise is slowly but surely making its way up the nail bed. It might only take about 4 or five more months at this rate for me to have awesome nails again. Not that I ever really had great nails. That only happens when I take prenatal vitamins. That's not in the future that I can tell.

Oh, and Just in case you want to see my cute bathroom...love it! First picture is the wall art and shower in awesome 18" tiles. My husband's pretty handy with EVERYTHING! If you look close you can see the randomly placed glass tiles in the accent tiles.

The same accent tiles were used as backsplash at the counter top. I am loving the colors in the room. You'll also notice the oddly placed window that we are still working around. The mirror is currently propped up in the corner. Has anyone else ever encountered this? I'm thinking a wall mounted mirror with a swivel. Or maybe just a 2x6 board mounted to hang the mirror from.

Anyway, loving it just the same. Husband is currently working on a great matching rack to hang the towels and I promise to hang the towel rack and toilet paper holder too!

Just a week or so after the finger incident, I got to be a part of Modbe Clothing's '09 Swim Preview. I got to model the solid blue knot top and looked super hot in my awesome spray tan. I hid the finger with hot pink nail polish. It did a great job.

Here's a picture of all our models. Anyone who knows me might wonder where I am. I was sitting at a table intently listening to a great speaker and just barely made it to the stage. You should know I am not usually one to miss out on my cue, but the "schedule" was thrown off.

Since the release of Modbe Swim '09 I have been partyin' it up. I really do mean that. Just my sales this month nearly topped $5000! Swim is super hot. Here are a couple of styles and my thoughts/comments:

Biggest surprise: The Black Polka Dot Flounce. I TOTALLY thought this was going to be a hit with the teens. Not so! The Flounce boasts a bottom ruffle that seriously turns any body shape into the perfect hour glass figure. I have already sold this swim top in at least one of every size. This suit is also great for the sun lover as the top tie is just for looks. Just remove for the perfect tanned shoulders with no straps. This top, along with the two below, will likely be the first ones sold out this season!

Just MY OPINION...First to sell off in '09: Tie Front Modbe Dots (top) and Knot Tops. These tops are just selling like hotcakes. You want one? Better order one today! I'm SERIOUS!Both tops are super adjustable. Each have a tie in the front that can to tied tight or loose depending on the amount of cleavage you like to expose. The Knot top is super comfy with an underwire bra and side ruching to flatter and slim any tummy troubles. Comes in Solid Black, Blue, Pink, and Eggplant. The Tie Front (top) is also available in four great colors (Navy Stripe, Rainbow Stripe, Pink Polka Dot, and Modbe Dots (pictured)). It can be tied as a halter or as a typical tank style. This is done by taking both ties from either side and tying them together just between the shoulder blades. I'll try to include a picture of this. Super supportive without pulling at the neck like a traditional halter can do if you sport a C+ cup size.

In addition to these fun happenings there is always laundry, birthdays, and life in general...you know how it goes. Try to make everyday super fun! I will be back sooner than later.