Friday, August 29, 2008

Blogland and Sandi Henderson

I met Sandi Henderson in April and have been so neglectful that I didn't add our picture to "blogland." I have to say that in quotations as I've lifted it right off Sandi's blog and used it all day today. You should check out the adorable cupcake pin cushion she is auctioning off in support of Nie Nie Day. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can read more about Stephanie and Christian's accident at Stephanie's blog or her Sister's blog who has started this wonderful snow ball of silent auctions all over blogland to raise money for their cause.
Sandi is one of those women who truly dream big. I distinctly remember attending a seminar years ago and thinking, "Sure, I dream big." But now I get it. I dream on a much smaller level than women like Sandi or Modbe clothing designer, Trish Wilhite. Sandi designs fabric, has her own line of children's patterns. There is no end to her creativity. She and I met at Tiffany's party where I fell in love with her darling bag. Then Sandi hosted her own Modbe party and got stocked with clothes ready for Quilt Market. I have to say, my life is enriched daily by inspiring women who do great things. Thanks to all of you who inspire me.

Monday, August 25, 2008

I Pinky Swear...

Do you remember saying that? I pinky swear, I'll always be your friend...or I'll never tell anyone that you like him...I pinky swear. Well, I pinky swear I did not just dress up my all-boy toddler in a pinky swear mini-vee from Modbe. I so did. I've had this adorable pinky swear mini-vee from Modbe's Kidbe line up for a while now and have nothing to do with it seeing how I have only boys. honor of my upcoming 5K race for the cure and the fact that it is back-to-school time, I am giving it away. Want to WIN it? It's a extra small which translates to a size 4T but if you have a three year old with a toddler belly (see cute toddler in picture) or a skinny five year old it would work for her, too. If for whatever reason you have no blog...shame on can spread the word through email and copy it to me.
Here's what to do. Simply add a post to your blog of how your family and friends can WIN this adorable mini-vee. Then comment on this post so I can take a peek at your cute blog.
If you want it no matter what...all the kidbe clothing at my website is on sale now. Kidbe caps for $10, cami's for $8 and long sleeves and the mini-vee for $10. Enter party #264 at checkout to get 10% off your order when ordering any three items.
I'm watching for your comments... I pinky swear!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New cut offs and SALE!

In case you are wondering, this cute model is wearing Modbe's new cut off shorts. I have two pair on order and keep watching the front walk like a hawk waiting for the Fed-Ex guy to arrive. I'll know it's him when the door bell rings around 9 a.m. I am especially excited to see the new Juliette style with flap pockets and white stitching.

Also, Modbe's 25=50% off Sale is continuing. Add your order to the virtual party going online. The party is #264. This party code entered at the end of checkout saves you an additional 10% off your entire order when you order any three items. Take a peek. Little girl long sleeve tops are just $10. Swim tops for $35, Bottoms for $19, Skirts for $23. And the remaining clothing items are also on sale. I was sure to order a Straight A skirt. These are super forgiving skirts that go with any top. I had to get a second black and dark chocolate. I know this style will never go out. Swim items come with the return exchange policy...and if you aren't happy with anything else, I take any thing on consignment and have pretty good luck selling them at parties or to people who stop by to try things on before buying. If you have questions, add them to the comments.

If you are reading my blog ask me how to purchase any one item at 30% off.

When I was a girl...

Maybe you don't know this about me but when I was a younger version of myself, I loved wearing dresses. I do not remember if it was the twirling, the fancy shoes, or what...I just loved being a bit gussied up. Anyway, this super cute dress reminded me of this one aspect of myself. And the fact that you can win this super cute dress and I don't even have a daughter to put it on! That's another blog for another day...four boys...maybe I'll see if I can't comment on her blog and win it for a niece. I'm thinking just now that when I get two dresses made for a friends twins, I will have to take a picture of them to show just how cute they turn out.
Also, I have a bit of a confession...I still love to wear dresses. Well, right now mostly skirts but it is a dress just the same. Does anyone else do this? I have to laugh at the comments I get. My piano student asked me one day where I was going after. My youngest son no longer asks if it is Sunday. Not many people wear skirts on a daily basis, well except for my grandma. There is only one thing that is really unfair--that my feet can't take the shoes. I can do heels/flats for 2 hours at a time and only for so many days in a row (darn those high arches.) Anyway, I love a free give-a-way so I couldn't resist.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

No excuses

I really do not have an excuse for not posting in forever...but these might qualify and are the main reasons for not having posted. I WILL DO BETTER...maybe I should type that 10 more times for positive reinforcement. I will do better, I WILL do better, I will DO better...
I'll spare you the agony.

1. My April, May, and June were full of swim orders--people coming to my "Modbe Room" to try things on or throwing together a quick party with a group of friends.
2. I did parties with Emma, Joy, Liz, Mandy, Sandi, and Tiffany. Plus there was Lisa, Davian, Stacey, kim, Angie, and Christie. (My goal is to post a bit about some of these hostesses over the next week or can hold me to it.)
3. And then there is the summer filled with vacations, playing, and general kid keep-up. As short as the summer has seemed in retrospect, I will be glad to clean up in the morning without reminding someone to do his job.
4. My SIL, Emma, visited (Oh, my brother came, too) from WA and we were able to hang out with their boys. I wish we had even done more as though we could have fit it in.
5. And just so you do not think that I have done nothing fun just for me...I fit in a trip to Park City last week with girls friends Anne, Kim, Michelle, and Jen. If you happen to read our bits of wisdom from said girls trip on Michelle's post, I should warn you...don't believe everything you read. LOL