Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Modbe Founder, Trish Wilhite

In my search for pictures earlier this week I came across a great photo taken in September of 2006 at Modbe's first ever Modbe Mesh. I attended with about six other area consultants, although only four are pictured here. With us is Trish Wilhite, Modbe's founder and clothing designer. She is next to me wearing the sweater with the large pink and brown stripes. I had previously met Trish when she and a few other gals from Modbe Corporate came to my house to present an area training for a bunch of consultants in our corner of Idaho. I found out then and still know now that I am part of something bigger and better than I ever knew. By joining Modbe, I'd not only found a fun way to earn money and wear sweet stylin' clothes for FREE, but I was part of something bigger and better than I'd ever dreamed possible. My circle of family and friends just keeps getting bigger. I have Modbe and Trish to thank for that!

A Stranger is a friend you have yet to meet!

Someone once said "A Stranger is a friend you have yet to meet." I am always meeting new friends with Modbe. Stacy was my hostess last Thursday and she is great. She has two little ones, Parker is three and Tandi is not quite a year old. What a great home. I am going to use more florals in my house of boys!!! I mentioned Stacy in my first post and it is only fitting she get credit again for getting me going on this blogging thing. What a blast. Anyway, Stacy had a $500 party and is the new proud owner of a great outfit--the Straight-A Skirt in Dark Chococate that she will pair with the Blue Christmas Tied w/a Bow top. She also got an In the Navy Re-zip Hoodie and the orange floral bandeau swim top. All four items for just under $50! If that isn't incentive enough to book a party right now, I don't know what is! Thanks for an awesome party, Stacy. I know I had tons of fun getting to know you and your group of girl friends.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Modbe's 2008 Swim Preview

At the end of January, I attended Modbe's Swim Preview for the upcoming year. In it's third year, Modbe's swim is most certainly anticipated and Modbe didn't disappoint. With 20 tops and three suits for the tween sizes, Modbe's line is HUGE! I think the suits really speak for themselves. If you haven't peeked already, do so now. You can look at each suit indiviually as you shop on my website (see link on side bar) or take a look at the gallery of photos on my website for some great fashionable photos. These pictures make you want to don a pair of heels and pearls and head to the nearest beach. Of course, in January this isn't quite so practical so natarually to the event I wore my favorite comfy top, the edgy vee in blue tease. With me in the photo are my fashionable friends Victoria Collings and Michelle Bowen who also sell Modbe here in Idaho.

Friday, February 22, 2008

CPA Clever Post Anxiety

No, I am not looking for a Certified Public Accountant, I am suffering from Clever Post Anxiety. One certainly shouldn't be nervous about posting for the first time, but I find that I am. How can you be clever and whitty while all the while professional with a little personality on the side? Hopefully in post to come, all that will come out...and so justifiably, I am suffering from an accute case of Clever Post Anxiety.

So, a quick history of how this all came about...I was at a Modbe party last night with a new friend, Stacy. We were discussing blogs and my lack thereof. I went home with a vision of blogged Modbe parties with pictures of me and my hostesses, new recuits, and the like. And so again, Modbe has brought just one more first into my life with many more firsts to come. Enjoy!