Friday, February 22, 2008

CPA Clever Post Anxiety

No, I am not looking for a Certified Public Accountant, I am suffering from Clever Post Anxiety. One certainly shouldn't be nervous about posting for the first time, but I find that I am. How can you be clever and whitty while all the while professional with a little personality on the side? Hopefully in post to come, all that will come out...and so justifiably, I am suffering from an accute case of Clever Post Anxiety.

So, a quick history of how this all came about...I was at a Modbe party last night with a new friend, Stacy. We were discussing blogs and my lack thereof. I went home with a vision of blogged Modbe parties with pictures of me and my hostesses, new recuits, and the like. And so again, Modbe has brought just one more first into my life with many more firsts to come. Enjoy!

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