Sunday, February 24, 2008

Modbe's 2008 Swim Preview

At the end of January, I attended Modbe's Swim Preview for the upcoming year. In it's third year, Modbe's swim is most certainly anticipated and Modbe didn't disappoint. With 20 tops and three suits for the tween sizes, Modbe's line is HUGE! I think the suits really speak for themselves. If you haven't peeked already, do so now. You can look at each suit indiviually as you shop on my website (see link on side bar) or take a look at the gallery of photos on my website for some great fashionable photos. These pictures make you want to don a pair of heels and pearls and head to the nearest beach. Of course, in January this isn't quite so practical so natarually to the event I wore my favorite comfy top, the edgy vee in blue tease. With me in the photo are my fashionable friends Victoria Collings and Michelle Bowen who also sell Modbe here in Idaho.

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  1. Aargh, scary up close photo LOL! I mean, I look scary, not you guys. Cute idea for a blog. Does this mean I don't get to see your cute family and what your boys are all up to? You'll have to do two blogs now, I know you have plenty of time LOL