Saturday, January 17, 2009

Check out the Give-a-way! (above)

Wow....hotel reservations for Disneyland...just what we need. I would so love to go further, like Florida or Hawaii but I think I'll start by being realistic. The kids would go Ga-Ga over their first plane flight to California (and I think I could handle the flight, too...with four kids and no DVD of their own to control). We would visit the coast and spend several days at Disneyland. We might get some really happy faces, I'm thinking like this:

Or perhaps even as crazy happy as this:
Oops, there I go again...I'm so unrealistic. But wait, I am being realistic...Taking kids on their first plane ride to Hawaii. That there, that's unrealistic. At least I said California.
Hope you're smiling cause we are GOING!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Modbe Sale Jan 5-7th

Modbe has an awesome online sale Mon. Jan. 5th thru Wed. Jan. 7th

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Balance work out tanks are just $10 Power Pant or Core Capri for workout are $19 or $17 Plus our awesome true rise demin jeans for $69,
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Feel free to call, text, or email questions.

Beverly Jones