Thursday, November 19, 2009

Modbe Going Out of Business Sale

After FIVE wonderful years with Modbe Clothing, they are closing their doors.
For all of you who love the awesome swim suits, Jeans, and clothing...
What more can I say...Stock up and Save!

I have stock piled at least 5 swim suits for myself, and 5 pair of jeans.
Any basic my size or one size off, kept those too.
I am hoping that maybe the Modbe line was sold to a retailer somewhere.
Really, what else am I going to do when it comes to jeans, swim and basics?

Happy Shopping! Email me if you need sizing consultation.

All Sales are Final, no returns or exchanges.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


That’s right! Now through July 31st @ 10 p.m. (MST)
FREE SHIPPING when you spend just $25 or more.
Please select FREE SHIPPING from drop bar @ checkout.


Go to
Enter party # 2513
@ checkout and WIN!!!
ALL orders placed before JULY 31st will be
Entered into a raffle to WIN free Modbe Denim!

Forward this link to your friends, anyone can WIN!
Post it on your blog and comment for a second raffle entry!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

FREE SHIPPING and New 2009 Spring

First off, YES, Free Shipping on orders of $35 or more thru Wed. May 27th.
Please use party code #2213 at checkout.
When you buy any 3 or more this also saves you 10% on your order.

I've been gone for a bit for good reasons..sick kid. Really sick. I'd have taken a picture, but it wouldn't have been pretty. Not pretty like the pretty Spring Modbe Fashions. Like the Convertible Dress shown here: You can wear it like our lovely model SammyJo. Or down a bit further for an empire waist line. Or down even further as a simple skirt. Dress it up with heels for a party or show up at the beach with a pair of sandals and this little darling over your suit!
More tidbits on More Spring Fashions Tomorrow!
See you soon!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gearing up for Spring

While gearing up for spring,

I visited the dollar store and found some treasures.
Then I saw Kimm at Reinvented had posted a trash to treasure link and had to join. Check out the second project I've posted for some serious re-useing and recycling of materials for an awesome doorhanging to spruce up your porch.

I love the trend of using words cut from wood around my house. So this plain boring wood went from blah to beautiful with a coat of paint, some sanding, and a few fibers from my scrapbooking supplies. Nothing says spring like a relaxing day at the park or out in the backyard.

I also "needed" new spring door decor out front.

Afterall, I had an upcoming Boutique at my house. You can't very well sell swim suits if you still have a Christmas Wreath on the front door.

I made this for all of $3, my time, and a few supplies from around the house!

The flowers were a selection of three dollar store sprays that I meshed together and hooked together with a few kitchen twisty ties and packing tape. Easy.

I looked for several days for the perfect hanging pocket to hold them on the door and in the meantime found an adorable vase made from sticks. While examining it, I realized that the same principle could be applied to my front door so I came home and got to work. The vase from the store used styrofoam and then hooked sticks all around the round styrofoam base to make a vase.

I didn't have styrofoam and wanted a pocket so I made my own from a cake mix box turned inside out. I tapered the bottom corners and taped the box back together with the brown side out. Then I covered the whole box with glue and started adding sticks that I cut from an old bush down by the railroad tracks. I was getting a bit impatient for it to dry so I just drew an entire line of glue horizontally across the middle and tied a cute bow to hold everything in place. I could have also used mod podge here, but I already had the glue out. I did not add any sticks to the back so it wouldn't scratch the door.

In the box/vase, I put a few rocks to weigh it down and stuffed it with newpaper before inserting my dollar store flowers. I also added a little bit of moss on the top of the newspaper to hide it.

Last of all, I used a length of wire through the back to make a hook to hang it with and hung it outside. And If I decide later that I want it in the will stand on its own.

What do you think? What preparations are you making for spring?

Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm on You Tube

This isn't me you are seeing.... but remember I told you

I modeled swim at Modbe's Swim '09 Fashion Preivew. I'm wearing the Solid Blue Knot Top toward the end of the fashion show. Take a look, rate the video and then look at my website:

My favorite suites include the Halter in Green Tapestry and the Tie Front in Modbe Dots. What is your favorite? Post yours in the comment section. If you're ready to buy, use party code #1360 to save 10% off any three or more items. Swim top and bottom count as two.

Go Shopping!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Button, Button, Who's got the Button?

I need a button. Not the crafty kind. A BLOG BUTTON.

You know the kind. A MODBE BUTTON!

I tried making one but it was just really TOO SIMPLE for my taste.

I followed directions online and everything.

Where can I get a COOL button?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Select Swim Tops on SALE!

Scoot on over to my website where select Modbe Swim Tops are on SALE!
Four Tops on the new 2009 Swim line are just $38 (reg. $48)
Super cute and flattering.
Want to buy? Purchase any three and save 10% off your entire purchase when you use party code #1360 at checkout.
Remember to checkout the clearance section too for great $5 bargains.
Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mod Podge Mania...I can't resist

I hope no one faints...I'm going to post back to back. I saw this button on this blog and was forced to take a look. Anyone who knows me know I love Mod Podge, although I love calling it Modge Podge and have even (in a typ0) called it Modbe Podge. So I quickly gathered up a few years back of super easy projects using the crafty stuff and clicked away with the camera this a.m...

First off, the clipboard. I love putting these together to take to my Modbe Boutiques for orders. This particular year I added a flower and glass button which turned out to be a mistake since you can't really write with a big glass blob behind the order form, but it also acted like another catalog at my Boutiques.

In 2006 (Modbe's first year of swim) I made my first box to store swim liners for trying on swim bottoms at Modbe Boutiques. Each suit was numbered in the catalogs so customers could order by the number. #3 was the first suit sold out that year. It was the Olive Diagonal with the HOT yellow floral bottom. I still smile to look at that gorgeous fabric/color combo.

In 2007 I carried on the tradition but found a round box. These are just those simple brown paper mache boxes you can pick up at Wal-Mart, Roberts, Jo-Ann's, and even some dollar stores. This box is much bigger in order to fit a much large swim line.

So, in 2008, I "HAD" to make another box. With each year, Modbe's swim lines got even bigger so this box ended up showcasing just one color in each style of suit. I love the story of this "Trunk;" It's one of my favorites. I won the metal trunk/lunch box at a scrapbook store. It had been a display so it was a bit beaten up and decorated with travel stickers. Not really my style. While I loved the case, I knew it wouldn't be used to store post cards. I left on the straps and rearranged/added letters on the circle (It once said "Post cards) and of course mod podged on photos of Modbe's 2008 swim line from the catalog. It acts like an extra catalog at boutitques and stores business cards, change, liners, and pens.

And then last year....My friend Lara and I made thiese cuties. Basic wooden letters with scrap paper Mod Podged on, and ribbons, and tags, and buckles, and flowers. When I say that Modbe is my girly outlet I'm so not kidding. Boys don't really care too much for all the cute stuff in life. Although, my almost four year old was the inspiration for my next/last project.

I was at the computer getting some things ready to join him by the T.V. He found my bag with some paints and brushes and went running upstairs telling me he was going to go paint some wood.
I'm thinking to myself: "oh cute. he's going to get his watercolors..."
About 3 or 4 minutes later it occurs to me that the paints he's referring to are the craft paints with my stuff in there by the T.V.
I go BOOKING it up the strairs and find this board from the garage on a nicely laid out piece of newpaper and already totally brown. I am amazed that no clothes are ruined. I (of course) thank him for staying clean and remind him in my super calm mother voice that we always paint with mommy paints with Mommy!
Of course you can't throw away the board so as I use the excess paint to help him get the sides and back we think about what we can do. We go to the pictures and find a great family photo. The wording is from a recent primary song he is learning. The whole thing was done in less than 30 minutes. I have a feeling I'll be doing a few more of these with a group for Mother's day in the next month.

You can't tell me you don't already want someone to craft you up one for Mother's day, too!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I am alive with my ugly finger...Ooowww.

I apologize for such a long BLOG absense. I must try to do better.
Here is a bit of what I have been doing while gone...or here...whatever.

First off, I have an ugly finger. While washing the window in our newly finished bathroom I shut the window on my finger. It was more like I thought the window was open more than it was and so in order to shut it quickly I didn't allow any time to remove the finger.

Thankfully the bruise is slowly but surely making its way up the nail bed. It might only take about 4 or five more months at this rate for me to have awesome nails again. Not that I ever really had great nails. That only happens when I take prenatal vitamins. That's not in the future that I can tell.

Oh, and Just in case you want to see my cute it! First picture is the wall art and shower in awesome 18" tiles. My husband's pretty handy with EVERYTHING! If you look close you can see the randomly placed glass tiles in the accent tiles.

The same accent tiles were used as backsplash at the counter top. I am loving the colors in the room. You'll also notice the oddly placed window that we are still working around. The mirror is currently propped up in the corner. Has anyone else ever encountered this? I'm thinking a wall mounted mirror with a swivel. Or maybe just a 2x6 board mounted to hang the mirror from.

Anyway, loving it just the same. Husband is currently working on a great matching rack to hang the towels and I promise to hang the towel rack and toilet paper holder too!

Just a week or so after the finger incident, I got to be a part of Modbe Clothing's '09 Swim Preview. I got to model the solid blue knot top and looked super hot in my awesome spray tan. I hid the finger with hot pink nail polish. It did a great job.

Here's a picture of all our models. Anyone who knows me might wonder where I am. I was sitting at a table intently listening to a great speaker and just barely made it to the stage. You should know I am not usually one to miss out on my cue, but the "schedule" was thrown off.

Since the release of Modbe Swim '09 I have been partyin' it up. I really do mean that. Just my sales this month nearly topped $5000! Swim is super hot. Here are a couple of styles and my thoughts/comments:

Biggest surprise: The Black Polka Dot Flounce. I TOTALLY thought this was going to be a hit with the teens. Not so! The Flounce boasts a bottom ruffle that seriously turns any body shape into the perfect hour glass figure. I have already sold this swim top in at least one of every size. This suit is also great for the sun lover as the top tie is just for looks. Just remove for the perfect tanned shoulders with no straps. This top, along with the two below, will likely be the first ones sold out this season!

Just MY OPINION...First to sell off in '09: Tie Front Modbe Dots (top) and Knot Tops. These tops are just selling like hotcakes. You want one? Better order one today! I'm SERIOUS!Both tops are super adjustable. Each have a tie in the front that can to tied tight or loose depending on the amount of cleavage you like to expose. The Knot top is super comfy with an underwire bra and side ruching to flatter and slim any tummy troubles. Comes in Solid Black, Blue, Pink, and Eggplant. The Tie Front (top) is also available in four great colors (Navy Stripe, Rainbow Stripe, Pink Polka Dot, and Modbe Dots (pictured)). It can be tied as a halter or as a typical tank style. This is done by taking both ties from either side and tying them together just between the shoulder blades. I'll try to include a picture of this. Super supportive without pulling at the neck like a traditional halter can do if you sport a C+ cup size.

In addition to these fun happenings there is always laundry, birthdays, and life in know how it goes. Try to make everyday super fun! I will be back sooner than later.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Check out the Give-a-way! (above)

Wow....hotel reservations for Disneyland...just what we need. I would so love to go further, like Florida or Hawaii but I think I'll start by being realistic. The kids would go Ga-Ga over their first plane flight to California (and I think I could handle the flight, too...with four kids and no DVD of their own to control). We would visit the coast and spend several days at Disneyland. We might get some really happy faces, I'm thinking like this:

Or perhaps even as crazy happy as this:
Oops, there I go again...I'm so unrealistic. But wait, I am being realistic...Taking kids on their first plane ride to Hawaii. That there, that's unrealistic. At least I said California.
Hope you're smiling cause we are GOING!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Modbe Sale Jan 5-7th

Modbe has an awesome online sale Mon. Jan. 5th thru Wed. Jan. 7th

Jump online to

Enter party #1196 to get additional 10% off when ordering three or more.

Balance work out tanks are just $10 Power Pant or Core Capri for workout are $19 or $17 Plus our awesome true rise demin jeans for $69,
$15 sweaters, hoodies for $12! Tops for $8-13 and $5 skirts.
PASS this on to friends and family--Items marked up to 65% off.

Feel free to call, text, or email questions.

Beverly Jones