Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Saturday at Tiffany's

Isn't there a song about that? I guess it was just Brunch at Tiffany's, not breakfast. LOL, Funny me! April brought a string of parties...I really didn't think they would all hold so I booked them, knowing I would have a descent month even if a few cancelled. When it all played out, I did eight parties in 16 days. Thank goodness for those daytime and Saturday morning parties. Here I am with Tiffany on a bright Saturday morning. We chipped in together and purchased a $20 gift certificate to be raffled at the party. I helped three gals new to me find great suits to flatter their bodies. I love that repeat customers are so excited to try on the new suits and colors. Tiffany was like a kid in a candy shop. She even had her suits from the past two years on hand to see if some of the colors might match a new top on this years line. We reminisced about the olive diagonal of two years ago...what a hot suit. It sold out SO quickly. Modbe truly is one of a gotta get one before you favorite sells out this year!

Heidi and Lisa

Sisters Lisa and Heidi were both hostesses in March and April. I had booked Heidi's party off of a party in February and Lisa booked at Heidi's party. Did you catch all of that? I am very jealous that Heidi gets to go to Hawaii this month. And I just fell in love with the area where Lisa lives. Makes me want to move again and for anyone that knows me that's kind of ODD! Both sisters had great parties. I liked that they were during the day so I still had my evening to veg with the boys at home. Everyone loved the burgandy ruffle wrap and were looking for other great options in case there were to go swimming together. Like we need to find excuses or somehow rationalize the need to buy a second swim suit!

What I love about Modbe

One of my favorite things about life with Modbe is this...always meeting and making new friends. Liz and I met nearly three years ago. Here we are nearly two years later! Liz is one of those inspirational women who loves learning and reading. She recently did the couch to 5K challenge and is a running maniac. I remember one of our first times we met. We talked about how just because a person is skinny doesn't mean they are in shape. Anyway, Liz had a pretty decent party. One gal who came is a three year veteran with Modbe's swim suits and bought three!!! If you haven't tried a Modbe suit are truly missing out. There are so many other customers like this who are coming back year after year!

Have Friends, Will Craft

In March, L. and I got together for a Modbe craft day. We used the ever-versitile Modge Podge and adhered scrapbook paper to wood letters to spell out SWIM. Then we added tags of the new suits and embellished away. They turned out super cute and add a great look to my Modbe room. It's so cute I can't really call it an office. Maybe I should post what it looks like one of these days... I love it how all of the crafts of past and present have kind of all become one!

Oops! Time Flies...

Where did the last two months moment I was blogging along happily and the next I hadn't added a post in forever. I've been taking the pictures, just not adding them. Maybe the smiple fact that I had eight parties in two weeks could have added to the long silence. So, here goes...I'll see if I can't add these posts to the blog.