Friday, August 29, 2008

Blogland and Sandi Henderson

I met Sandi Henderson in April and have been so neglectful that I didn't add our picture to "blogland." I have to say that in quotations as I've lifted it right off Sandi's blog and used it all day today. You should check out the adorable cupcake pin cushion she is auctioning off in support of Nie Nie Day. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can read more about Stephanie and Christian's accident at Stephanie's blog or her Sister's blog who has started this wonderful snow ball of silent auctions all over blogland to raise money for their cause.
Sandi is one of those women who truly dream big. I distinctly remember attending a seminar years ago and thinking, "Sure, I dream big." But now I get it. I dream on a much smaller level than women like Sandi or Modbe clothing designer, Trish Wilhite. Sandi designs fabric, has her own line of children's patterns. There is no end to her creativity. She and I met at Tiffany's party where I fell in love with her darling bag. Then Sandi hosted her own Modbe party and got stocked with clothes ready for Quilt Market. I have to say, my life is enriched daily by inspiring women who do great things. Thanks to all of you who inspire me.

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