Sunday, August 17, 2008

No excuses

I really do not have an excuse for not posting in forever...but these might qualify and are the main reasons for not having posted. I WILL DO BETTER...maybe I should type that 10 more times for positive reinforcement. I will do better, I WILL do better, I will DO better...
I'll spare you the agony.

1. My April, May, and June were full of swim orders--people coming to my "Modbe Room" to try things on or throwing together a quick party with a group of friends.
2. I did parties with Emma, Joy, Liz, Mandy, Sandi, and Tiffany. Plus there was Lisa, Davian, Stacey, kim, Angie, and Christie. (My goal is to post a bit about some of these hostesses over the next week or can hold me to it.)
3. And then there is the summer filled with vacations, playing, and general kid keep-up. As short as the summer has seemed in retrospect, I will be glad to clean up in the morning without reminding someone to do his job.
4. My SIL, Emma, visited (Oh, my brother came, too) from WA and we were able to hang out with their boys. I wish we had even done more as though we could have fit it in.
5. And just so you do not think that I have done nothing fun just for me...I fit in a trip to Park City last week with girls friends Anne, Kim, Michelle, and Jen. If you happen to read our bits of wisdom from said girls trip on Michelle's post, I should warn you...don't believe everything you read. LOL

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