Friday, September 12, 2008

It's a Party!

I had my first party with all of Modbe's great new things. My Hostess,
Davian W. has hosted several parties and was super excited to see all of the NEW clothing. She kept saying how she loved it all and was going to have a hard time deciding what to get. My guess is she works hard and gets a TON of sales to get everything she wants. If you're reading and want to add an order to Davian's party, type in party #362 at checkout. This one step saves you 10% on your order of three or more items. Anyway, I took a picture of the two of us back in April at her last party. While we have both had hair cuts since then, we were too busy taking pictures of our other willing model. Cute Kinsley (below) is modeling the Matching PJ set. FYI--size XS does fit a four year old.

Here is Miss Fashion one more time in the adorable Mini Vee.
This top is available online only for just $10. Every girl needs one of these.
I love that it comes in navy and white for school uniforms.

Speaking of Navy, here is another Fashion Diva I recently had the chance to hang out with for the morning. She had on her favorite jumper (which is a bit too large). It was breezy outside and the straps kept sliding off her shoulders.

It looked so cute, I grabbed by camera while we were playing outside. What a fun morning--we sang the ABC song about a million times.

After the party, I changed out of my Juliette Cut Offs and rode home in fashion in my own red and pink PJ pants. So soft and comfy, I might just have to get both colors...especially since the blue and brown would be such a cute picture of my five boys with me. I'll have to post that when it happens.

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