Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Scrapbooking meets Modbe

As a Modbe Consultant who loves to scrapbook, I find that I mix the two quite a bit. Who wouldn't want a super cute sign--so much more fun than a computer generated, one-dimensional piece. Anyway, my super creative husband helped me come up with this great poem to remind party goers that booking a boutique of their own is always a great option. I was having trouble coming up with a rhyme for boutique but he quickly came up chic (remember, you pronounce that sheek) which of course rhymes nicely. The rest of the peom was sheer colloboration. The scrapbooked poster, my idea! It isn't the first time I've used my scraping supplies with Modbe. I also made a the box above to hold panty liners which I use at boutiques for hygiene purposes. The liner box this year is made of tin with a lunch box clasp and handle tied with ribbons. So...all that said, who wants to book a modbe boutique today? Not in Idaho? Just comment or go to Modbe's corporate website and we'll get you hooked up with a consusltant in your area.

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