Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Decor Update

Tell me I'm not the only one who loves a decoration enough to keep it for ten years...!!!  Yep.  I made this at a Relief Society Super Saturday years ago. It's a bit hard to tell what it says in the heart.  "Think Spring!"  When I got it out this year I resolved to do something about the fact that it is hard to read and this turned into a comeplete redo.  Pretty much everything changed.

 The tea dyed skirt, fabric squares and buttons...gone.  Checkers on heart...obsolete.
 Boring carrot is no more.  Again...buttons, so last decade in this application.
Let's give a warm Spring Welcome to our new "Think Spring!" door hanging.  More vibrant colors, saying definitely easier to read, and the up-to-date flowers on Ms. Bunny, heck, spring might just come calling! 
In particuar, I {heart} the new heart. 

First, I painted the heart white, followed by a pink and brown chevron pattern.  After that, I sanded to let some of the white come thru.  And last, adhered a vinyl saying. (The first one was drawn on with a sharpie.  We didn't have silhouette and cricut machines back in the day.) 

[Here's where I would insert a longing sigh....wish it was cut from my own Silhouette SD...still not totally sure if it's worth the money.  But would LOVE, Love, LOVE, to try one out.  FYI, I used masking tape to tape off the chevron, not perfect, but it worked.  Another reason for aforementioned new mommy toy.]
Mr. Bunny is sporting new spring green shortalls, and a much improved carrot in its own tulle bag.  The ribbon in his bow tie matches the ribbon on Ms. Bunny's heart.
Ms. Bunny's skirt fabric served as my inspiration for the entire redo. 

Needless to say, I was super excited to find a small scrap piece of this favorite fabric left in my stash.  Notice that she also is wearing fashionble ric-rac leggings with her new twisted fabric flowers in her hair, on her skirt, and on her heart-shaped bag.
I love it and that's about all that matters. The best part might be the total project cost... just 30 cents!  I had all the fabric scraps on hand, just had to purchase the vinyl. 

{My friend with a vinyl cutter is pretty cheap and fast...another reason I'm having trouble justifing the cost of my own machine. Someone, please tell me it's Sssooooo worth it???!!!!!}

Hope you are inspired to remake something of your own. 
More remakes, coming your way...
Until then...

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  1. That is so super cute! What a perfect redo! I would never know what is in style or what but I think it looks perfect!