Friday, April 1, 2011

Foolin' Around

Last year for April Fools day I made pancakes.  Not just normal pancakes...felt pancakes.  Basically, I cut out felt circles, dipped them in pancake batter and cooked them up on the griddle.  I fooled everyone. 

I took these pictures last year...wasn't into blogging so I have never done anything with them...until now.

I really fooled my four boys.  I even made some of them cry.  We need to loosen up around here. 

So, this year I couldn't come up with a good prank.  I did find and print out this.  It's a full color Chore Camp Brochure from Family Fun.  I printed it out and presented it to the boys this morning.  Congratulations, we are sending you to camp this summer.  They caught on pretty quickly.  We tried to talk it all up and they even played along...yep, knew we were foolin' around.

But then...I brought out the pancakes.  And this time I fooled them.

All of my boys were picking in their pancakes, checking for felt, or anything else suspicious.  I handed the camera to my hubby and whispered to him to take pictures, making sure they they knew I was up to something.  Were there onions in the batter???  What was different?

I let them worry a bit longer before telling them that the joke was on them.  There was nothing wrong with the pancakes.  They were completely normal, fine, edible...ha, ha, ha!

The younger boys pranked Dad with the usual...newspaper in his shoes.  Of course he totally played along and asked who had shortened his shoes.  And then he attempted putting them on.

Everyone scurried out of the kitchen to finish combing hair and brushing teeth before school.  I did dishes and cleaned up.  If I got everything picked up before they left, I could get straight to getting myself ready and get on to today's errands.

Boy #4 came running upstairs.  Someone had eaten all the starburst candies in the basement.  He was holding the large glass container from the wet bar!  I later learned, too late, that he had been sent by Boys #1 & #2.  The joke was on me.  And I fell for it.  They had simply emptied the jar into a bag.  What naughty children!  Where do they learn these horrible tricks?

Everyone was off to school.  Boy #4 doesn't have kindergarten today, so he got ready, too.  We had to go buy Conference Candy ready to play Conference Bingo this weekend.

And I was secretly hoping to find a garage sale...or two.  Lucky me.  Check out these finds.  The Cloche was just $1...yes, please.  Can't wait to find me a birdie.  I have a nest that will look great inside.  I've been eyeing these all over is just one example.   The Easter items will go nicely with what I already have and were only $1.75 foolin'.


There was just one other pile I couldn't keep my off my mind.  I knew if I left them there, I would wish they were mine.  My biggest dilemna was which to take and which to leave.  All of the pieces together were $3.75 (not a huge deal) and I probably didn't need all of them, but I had to choose. 

So I asked very nicely if they would take $2 for all of it!  And she said YES! foolin'.

The platter might be the perfect place for a spring quote. I really don't need it as a platter. Maybe this:
You can read the entire post here.

Have a Wonderful April Fools!


  1. Wowsers! I need to go garage sale shopping with you!! Fun day of jokes & deals. Love peeking into the Jones home ;)

  2. Love it Bev!!! Your so creative and thrifty. I would love to change up my house a little. I guess a time and a season :).