Saturday, March 12, 2011

For now...

Boy #4 and I are at the park.  I can't keep from thinking about him growing up. No one else asks me to take them to the park. Instead they want me to take them to a store to buy them something.  I think in a way I'm grieving him growing up.  He's my only boy that still used kid size hangers. Everyone else has graduated to big hangers; they steal mine when they run out.

Here is what I'm hearing:

You crack me up mom.
Mom, come here.
Do you know what a "uou pee lay lee" is?
Do you know what an underdog is?
Can you give me one?

I keep telling myself to enjoy it for now. Who knows just how long it will last.

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  1. I like this post - gives me a glimpse of your life. I need to call more often. Maybe I need a Bluetooth so I don't have kids reaching to grab my phone all the time. Very cute post!

  2. On occasion I get a glimpse of that...but the reality is, that I stiiiiil have babies at home. One day, I assume, that I will grieve!