Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dryer surgery...

My almost 14 year old dryer has been most helpful over the years. During the last year it has become increasingly noisy...I thought for sure a belt was going to break. Then it magically got quiet again. I wrongly assumed it had fixed itself.  

Nope.  As we all know...appliances never fix themselves...just like...well nevermind...

After several weeks with a three hour drying time for even the smallest of loads, we got to taking it apart. Turns out the blower wheel isn't rotating. A new blower wheel is listed online at $20.68.  Can wait to get me some dry clothes in under an hour.

Thanks handy husband.


  1. Our men are certainly handy/helpful/etc! So lucky it was a 20buck fix.

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  3. A new dryer always feels good, but I do have to admit that a dry that works like new for just 20 bucks feels even better. Wahoo!